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Aerial White Bear River Falls Southern Labrador

As you tour over Southern Labrador in a helicopter, the aerial view of the White Bear River Falls and wilderness surrounding them is breathtaking.

The beauty of capturing an aerial picture of the White Bear River Falls in Southern Labrador, Canada is that you can see the entire area in one crossing and the true size of the falls. The white water rushes over the massive boulders and slowly ...
Canoe Sunset Image Sherbrooke Nova Scotia

A mirror image of the clouds and sunset shows in the surface of St. Mary's River in the town of Sherbrooke in Nova Scotia, Canada.

An image like this is hard to beat as the star shaped rays surrounding the sun glisten across the sky and reflect onto the surface of St. Mary's River in Sherbrooke, Nova Scotia. The fluffy cloud formations also reflect in the water and this natu ...
Waterfall Rocks White Bear River Falls

Large rocks protrude from the water that rushes over the waterfall at White Bear River Falls near the Rifflin'Hitch Lodge in Southern Labrador, Canada.

When the water is raging at White Bear River Falls near the Rifflin'Hitch Lodge iin Southern Labrador, Canada the waterfall looks spectacular as it cascades over the rock tiers. The large rocks that sit closer to the shore, still seem to be visib ...
Swamp Land Peter Lougheed Provincial Park Alberta

The river winds its way through the swamp land in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park in the Kananaski Country in Alberta, Canada.

Fascinating formations consisting of a variety of hues are created in the swamp area of Peter Lougheed Provincial Park in the Kananaski Country of Alberta, Canada. In the foreground of this picture in the soft land, you can see animal tracks, as some ...
Rainbow Mist Horseshoe Falls Niagara

A misty rainbow disappears into Horseshoe Falls along the Niagara River in Niagara Falls.

A beautiful rainbow disappears into the misty Horseshoe Falls. The colors of the rainbow soften from the mists of the falls. The falls gets its name from the curve of the horseshoe shaped crest. Horseshoe Falls is part of the Niagara River and is ...
The Forks Waterfront Sunset City Of Winnipeg Manitoba

The waterfront comes to life as the lights illuminate the marina, market and tower in The Forks in the City of Winnipeg, Manitoba while the sunset lighting starts to fade.

The bright yellow lights which highlight The Forks as the sunset hues begin to fade and the onset of darkness takes over, are beautiful along the waterfront of the Assiniboine River in the City of Winnipeg, Manitoba. The waterfront consists of a marina, a pristin ...
Milk River Southern Alberta

The Milk River meanders its way along the Hoodoos Interpretive Trail in Writing on Stone Provincial Park in Southern Alberta, Canada.

Looking across the landscape in Writing on Stone Provincial Park in Southern Alberta, Hoodoos extend along the banks of the Milk River. The Hoodoos Interpretive Trail is a fascinating place to see these unique rock formations and view the beauty ...
Pinware River Gorge Scenery Southern Labrador Canada

From the Labardor Coastal Drive in Southern Labrador, Canada, the water in the Pinware River rages where it has carved a natural gorge through the landscape.

The swiftness and power of the Pinware River has created its own gorge in the landscape where it flows for miles through the wilderness of Southern Labrador, Canada. Looking down upon the river from the Labrador Coastal Drive, the scenery is stun ...
White Water Rafting Thompson River

A group of people enjoy a white water rafting trip on the Thompson River in British Columbia, Canada.

Hyak Wilderness Adventures offers some of the best white water rafting trips throughout British Columbia, Canada. This journey takes a group of white water rafting enthusiasts down The Frog along the Thompson River in British Columbia. The Thompson River is a fas ...
Autumn Hillside Reflections Jacques Cartier River Quebec

In the stillness of the Jacques-Cartier River in Quebec, Canada, the Autumn colors of the forest trees on the hillside show their reflections across the surface.

The hillside in Parc de la Jacques-Cartier in Quebec, Canada which runs along the river, displays its Autumn reflections as the sun nears its bedtime. The Jacques-Cartier River is like a sheet a glass and the reflections barely shimmer in the wat ...
Mountain Waterfall Southern Labrador

A massive waterfall travels through the rugged rock cliffs in one of the mountain passes that makes up the Mealy Mountains in Southern Labrador, Canada.

This waterfall has a journey to make as it rushes over the rock ledges to the base of the pools below in the mountain range of the Mealy Mountains in Southern Labrador, Canada. The river has carved a gorge in the mountain leaving plenty of room f ...
Mersey River Summer Kayakers Kejimkujik National Park

The summer weather in Kejimkujik National Park in Nova Scotia, Canada brings out many kayakers where they enjoy the day on the Mersey River.

Lush, green vegetation and a dense forest flourishes along the banks of the Mersey River in Kejimkujik National Park in Nova Scotia, Canada during the summer months. Kayakers paddle along the river to explore areas of this 381 square kilometer sc ...
Montreal Skyline Sunset St Lawrence River

From the Navette vers le Vieux-Port on Ile Sainte-Helene in Montreal, Quebec across the St. Lawrence River, the skyline of downtown Montreal is amazing as the sunset colors highlight the buildings.

From the opposite side of the St. Lawrence River in Montreal, Quebec, you can enjoy the scenic view of the buildings that adorn the skyline of the downtown core. The Clock Tower is the brightest building along the waterfront as the soft sunset co ...
New Brunswick Reversing Falls Saint John River

The Reversing Falls under the bridge which crosses the Saint John River in New Brunswick, Canada is amazing to watch when the tide changes.

A narrow bridge spans the Saint John River in New Brunswick, Canada where the tides create whirlpools and rapids which have been named the Reversing Falls. To watch this act of nature take over the waterways is fascinating, especially at low tide ...
River Aerial Picture Southern Labrador

An aerial view of a river that winds through the landscape on the way to the Mealy Mountains in Southern Labrador in Newfoundland Labrador.

A beautiful aerial view of the landscape near Sandwich Bay in Southern Labrador where a river meanders its way around the wilderness on the way to the Mealy Mountains. Lush greenery and trees flourish in the center land masses of the river and th ...
Takakkaw Falls Waterfall Yoho National Park BC

Beautiful Takakkaw Falls in Yoho National Park in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, British Columbia, Canada

This amazing waterfall, actually a row of waterfalls, is a must see while in the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia. Located inside the Yoho National Park, accessible over a side road which is closed in winter. The Takakkaw Falls are 384 meters (1260 feet ...
Fall Leaf Display Sand River Waterfall

A Fall colored leaf display lays atop the large boulders alongside the Sand River in Ontario, Canada as a waterfall cascades around them.

Starting upstream, a waterfall makes its way downstream crashing over the many rock ledges which creates a magnificent display of water as the forest above shows off its various Fall colors. Each leaf which spirals from the trees, decorating the ...
Niagara River Spanish Aero Car Whirlpool Rapids Ontario

Passengers aboard the Spanish Aero Car travel above the Whirlpool Rapids found along the Niagara River in Ontario, Canada.

As one travels above the Whirlpool Rapids of the Niagara River in Ontario, Canada in the Spanish Aero Car, the scenery is amazing. Traveling across the Niagara River was impossible back in 1913 and some Spanish businessmen got together and decided that a ...
Autumn Leaves Scenic Waterfall

A grouping of autumn coloured leaves in shades of red and yellow sit on the rocky banks of a waterfall found along the scenic Sand River in Lake Superior Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada.

The wilderness parks of Ontario are great places to visit during the autumn months when the leaves of the trees are bursting with colour along scenic trails or beside rivers such as the Sand River and a waterfall along the Pinguisibi Trail. Fall ...
Scenic Gravel Road Last Mountain Lake Saskatchewan

A gravel road leads towards Last Mountain Lake, a scenic area in the Qu'Appelle Valley of Saskatchewan, Canada.

Well travelled by locals and tourists alike, this gravel road leads to Pelican Pointe, a popular vacation destination on the shores of Last Mountain Lake in the beautiful Qu'Appelle Valley, Saskatchewan. Road leading to Pelican Pointe on the shores ...
Canoe Sunset St Mary's River Sherbrooke Nova Scotia

Evening closes in over a somewhat buckled canoe, partially hauled out onto the banks of the St Mary's River in the town of Sherbrooke in Nova Scotia while nature performs above in the form of a beautiful sunset and dramatic cloud formations.

The water of the St Mary's River is calm as sunset lights the horizon and dramatic clouds form over a canoe which has been hauled out onto the banks of the river situated in the town of Sherbrooke, Nova Scotia. Canoe at sunset over the St Mary's ...
Scenic Waterfall Couple Virgin Falls

A couple enjoy the serenity of the Virgin Falls on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. The Virgin Falls are a waterfall set in the scenic landscape of the Clayoquot Sound UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Taking a moment to take in the scenic beauty of a waterfall, a couple sit on the banks of the small pool at the base of Virgin Falls on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Couple sitting on a log viewing the Virgin Falls which plunge 53 metres/174 ...
Tidal Bore Salmon River Truro Nova Scotia

A truly remarkable daily event seen along several rivers that flow into the Bay of Fundy, a tidal bore is a tumbling wave at the leading edge of an incoming tide. This wave is seen along the Salmon River in Truro, Nova Scotia.

A tidal bore is a natural phenomena which takes place every day as the tide changes in the Bay of Fundy. The incoming tide from the Bay of Fundy surges into some of the rivers which spill into it. One such river is the Salmon River in Truro, Nova Scotia ...
Scenic Fall River Canoes

A view of two canoes hauled out on the bank of the scenic Oxtongue River during Fall in the Oxtongue River-Ragged Falls Provincial Park of Ontario, Canada.

The rocky banks of the Oxtongue River plays host to the scenic fall forest of the Oxtongue River-Ragged Falls Provincial Park in Ontario, a popular site for hauling canoes out and walking to view the falls. Two canoes on the bank of the Oxtongue ...
Blakiston Valley Waterton Lakes National Park Alberta

A tree lined creek skirts the tall mountains of Waterton Lakes National Park in Southern Alberta, Canada. Blakiston Valley is home to the Crandell Lake Trail a popular short trail in the Waterton Lakes National Park.

A view of the Blakiston Valley under a blue sky dotted by puffy white clouds in the Waterton Lakes National Park of Southern Alberta, Canada. Blakiston Creek running through the Blakiston Valley in Waterton Lakes National Park, Southern Alberta, ...
Water Channels Cape Sable Island Nova Scotia

Fringed by lush green grass, the water from a river cuts rounded channels through the landscape at Clark's Harbour on Cape Sable Island, Nova Scotia.

As the fog lifts in the background it reveals a collection of water channels as a river weaves its way towards the ocean at Clark's Harbour on Cape Sable Island in Nova Scotia. Scenic water channels along a river in Clark's Harbour, Cape Sable Island, ...
Reversing Falls Saint John River New Brunswick

An interesting attraction in the city of Saint John, New Brunswick, the Reversing Falls on the Saint John River are a series of rapids which are overrun at high tide and reversed by the extreme tides of the Bay of Fundy.

Reversing Falls along the Saint John River in Saint John, Bay of Fundy, Fundy Coastal Drive, Highway 1, New Brunswick, Canada.
Waterfall Tourist Attraction Yoho National Park

A popular tourist attraction in the National Parks system of British Columbia, Canada is Takakkaw Falls, a waterfall situated in Yoho National Park. The waterfall is the second highest in Western Canada.

As a tourist visiting the National Parks of the Rocky Mountains of Canada, the Takakkaw Falls is a must see attraction in the Yoho National Park in British Columbia. Bridge along the trail to Takakkaw Falls waterfall along the Yoho River in Yoho National Park, B ...
Soo Locks Sunset Sault Ste Marie Ontario

Silhouetted by the beautiful hues of sunset the International Bridge passes over the Soo Locks, a National Historic Site in the City of Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. The Soo Locks allows leisure boats to by-pass rapids on the St Mary's River.

Though major shipping traffic uses the US locks, the Soo Locks situated on the Canadian side of the border in the City of Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, is still used for recreational boats. During sunset, the International Bridge which passes from Canadian ...
The Forks National Historic Site Dusk Winnipeg

The still waters of the Assiniboine River reflect the lights of the marina and surrounding buildings at The Forks National Historic Site during dusk in the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

The Assiniboine River Marina and the Market and Tower at The Forks, a National Historic Site in the City of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
Snow Ice Formations Yoho National Park

Though many attractions are closed during the winter months in Yoho National Park, the Natural Bridge is open year round. During winter, snow and ice formations form on the Kicking Horse River making for an interesting sight and photography.

Irregular formations of snow and ice make a great subject for winter photography. Yoho National Park features an attraction called the Natural Bridge which is one of the only attractions open during the winter months. Snow and ice build up along ...
Mistaya River Winter Tourist Banff National Park

A beautiful scene on the banks of the snowcovered Mistaya River during winter in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada. Mounta Sarbach towers above the forest in the background while a tourist takes in the scenery.

Woman with snowshoes looking at the snow covered winter landscape surrounding the Mistaya River with Mount Sarbach (3155 metres/10351 feet) in the background, Mistaya Canyon, Icefields Parkway, Banff National Park, Canadian Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Canada ...
Kaministiquia River Waterfall Aerial Ontario

An impressive aerial view of the Kaministiquia River and Kakabeka Falls waterfall in Ontario, Canada. The Waterfall is situated in the Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park near Thunder Bay.

The Kaministiquia River was one of the most important water routes for Canadian fur traders wanting to travel to western Canada from the Great Lakes. Imagine paddling up stream then coming across Kakabeka Falls - the largest falls in the Lake Superior ...
White Bear River Falls Waterfall Labrador

No roads lead to White Bear River Falls, a waterfall deep in the wilderness of Labrador, Newfoundland Labrador, Canada. The only access is via helicopter or possibly a long boat ride.

Salmon abound here in the White Bear River, even near the falls which provide a stunning backdrop for the fisherman. The White Bear River Falls are situated in Labrador and are a popular fishing spot for clients staying at a nearby luxury lodge. White ...
Aguasabon Falls Terrace Bay

A torrent of water plunges over the rocks of Aguasabon Falls near Terrace Bay in Ontario, Canada then squeezes through the Aguasabon Gorge enroute to Lake Superior. The river passes over bedrock some 2.6 billion years old.

Though access to the Aguasabon Falls is available year round, the best time to see them is during a spring flood such as in this picture. The falls are located right in Terrace Bay which is situated on the shores of Lake Superior, Ontario, Canada. Aguasabon ...
Kakabeka Falls Waterfall Spring Flood

A week or more of heavy rain during spring in the Thunder Bay region of Ontario, Canada makes for a torrent of water at Kakabeka Falls. Kakabeka Falls in the Provincial Park of the same name, was at near full capacity during a spring flood.

Kakabeka Falls (aka Niagara of the North) along the Kaministiquia River during a spring flood, Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park near Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.
Sand River Waterfall Great Lakes Ontario

Cascading over jagged rocks, the Sand River features a series of waterfalls along its path. The waterfall or series of three waterfalls is situated in Lake Superior Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada.

Waterfall along the Sand River, Pinguisibi Trail, in Lake Superior Provincial Park, Great Lakes, Ontario, Canada.
Takakkaw Falls Scenic Waterfall Yoho NP

A waterfall which free-falls 254 metres but is measured at 384 metres at it's highest point, the Takakkaw Falls are located in Yoho National Park, British Columbia, Canada and are a major attraction in the national park.

Fed through the melt waters of the Daly Glacier, Takakkaw Falls is a magnificent, scenic waterfall situated in Yoho National Park, British Columbia, Canada. A steep road full of switch backs is used to access the scenic falls, a road which is cl ...
Virgin Falls Waterfall Vancouver Island BC

A rugged back country road which fringes the Tofino Inlet and skirts Kennedy Lake, eventually leads the adventurous to Virgin Falls on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

Forest fringed Virgin Falls is a gem in the rough. The waterfall is reached via a long, rugged road where a tough 4WD truck is recommended, but the reward is definitely worth it. Situated on Vancouver Island in beautiful BC, Canada, Virgin Fall ...
Scenic Autumn Waterfall Quebec

Though the Province of Quebec is beautiful year round, the provincial parks are most stunning during autumn when the leaves are turning vivid shades of red and orange. The scenic Parc national du Mont Tremblant is a scenic provincial park with many rivers

Surrounded by the colours of autumn, the scenic Chutes aux Rats, a waterfall in the heart of Parc national du Mont Tremblant, continues its plunge while the temperatures are mild enough to allow it - soon the waterfall will be all but frozen. Chutes ...

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