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Black Bear Tree Ontario Canada

A Black Bear clings to a tree as he waits for the return of his mother who is hunting for food in the wilderness of Ontario, Canada.

A baby Black Bear has climbed a tree to stay out of dangers way as his mother searches for food to feed her young in the wild in Ontario, Canada. This is one trait that a black bear learns early in life and they know that high in a tree is a safe ...
Black Bear Baby

A baby Black Bear stays close to the trees where the greenery is fairly tall as he waits for his mother to return with some food.

This cute little baby Black Bear awaits patiently for the return of his mother but in the meantime he spots us photographing him and cuddles close to a tree. The mother Black Bear never leaves her young for any great length of time so one should ...
Cute Black Bear Photo

A black bear cub is as a cute as a button as he hangs in a tree in British Columbia, Canada.

Waiting patiently for the return of its mother, a cute baby black bear climbs up a tree to stay out of harms way in British Columbia, Canada. A mother will teach its baby to climb when it is very young as it is one of the safest places a black be ...

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