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Black Bear Cub Pictures

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Bear Tree

A Black Bear cub spends his time in a tree waiting for the return of his mother in the wilderness in Canada, North America.

The perfect safe haven for a black bear cub is high in a tree while his mother searches the area for food to feed to her baby in Canada, North America. Tree climbing is something that a baby Black Bear learns fairly quickly as they spend a fair a ...
Black Bear Baby

A baby Black Bear stays close to the trees where the greenery is fairly tall as he waits for his mother to return with some food.

This cute little baby Black Bear awaits patiently for the return of his mother but in the meantime he spots us photographing him and cuddles close to a tree. The mother Black Bear never leaves her young for any great length of time so one should ...
Black Bear Family

A Black Bear family wandering the forests of Canada after scooping a big fish.

A Black Bear family can consist of one mother and cub and this mother has captured a fish to feed her young. When a baby Black Bear is this small, the mother will find a secure place to leave her cub as she searches for food.Black Bear mother and ...
Baby Black Bear

A baby black bear climbs a tree in Ontario, Canada for safety.

At a very young age, a baby black bear is taught to climb trees for safety when the mother is off searching for food. This baby scopes out its surroundings from above as it patiently awaits the return of its mother. She is not gone for great leng ...
Animal Picture Bear Cub

Picture of a climbing black bear cub, Ursus americanus, Canada, North America.

The advantages of being sportive: a good view and a safe place! Black bear cub, Ursus americanus, Canada, North America.
Black Bear Cub

A Black Bear Cub, Ursus americanus, waits for its mother in a tree.

Black Bear Cub, Ursus americanus, Canada, North America.

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