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Latter Day Saints Church Alberta

White granite pillars line the entrance of this Latter Day Saints Church in Cardston, Alberta with gold lettering displayed above.

The Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints in Cardston, Alberta is quite an architectural masterpiece that one should see for themselves. The white pillars and gold letters at the entrance to the church are just a small sample of the stunning d ...
Hecla Church Lake Winnipeg

This historic church in the Hecla Village in Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba has played a very important role to the people of the town.

This church stands in the small village of Hecla in Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba which became a vital part in aiding the community in getting past the hard lives of the pioneer days. Hecla village is a historic village where tourists can enjoy a self- ...
Old Stone Church manitoba

A old stone church in the Manitoba Prairies

Old Stone Church, Manitoba, Canada, North America.

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