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Scenic Inside Passage Cruise Liner BC Coast Mountains

Backdropped by the scenic waterways off Northern Vancouver Island and the Coast Mountains of BC, a cruise liner navigates the waters of the Inside Passage on a journey of adventure.

A popular route for a vacation on a cruise liner is the Inside Passage which is a scenic waterway which passes by the inside of Vancouver Island and offers magnificent vistas of the scenic coast mountains of British Columbia, Canada. Cruise ship, Inside Passage, ...
Promenade Des Gouverneurs Vieux Port Quebec

Strolling along Promenade des Gouverneurs in Old Quebec, Canada you have a beautiful view of Vieux Port.

A cruiseship brings passengers to Vieux Port where they can wander along Promenade des Gouverneurs and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Quebec City, Canada. Heritage buildings line the Promenade des Gouverneurs and across the horizon you can see smaller water ...
Cruise Ship Port Quebec City

A cruise ship docks at the Vieux Port along the Dufferin Terrace in Old Quebec in Quebec City, Canada.

From the Terrasse Dufferin in Quebec City in Quebec, Canada you can overlook Vieux Port, home to modern buildings, heritage buildings, a waterfront walkway where a cruise ship can easily dock and spectacular scenery. The cruise ship arrives and departs from ...
Waterfront Walk Quebec City Canada

Hundreds of people walk along the beautiful waterfront and enjoy the scenery of Quebec City, Canada and learn of the history behind the Dufferin Terrace.

On a beautiful sunny day in Old Quebec in Quebec City, Canada people take time out to enjoy the walk along the waterfront as they admire the scenery that surrounds them. A cruiseship just leaving the dock, people resting on the benches in front of the histor ...
Vieux Port Cruise Ship Old Quebec

From the Terrasse Dufferin, buildings adorn the area of Old Quebec, Canada as a cruise ship docks along the waterfront at Vieux Port.

From the terrace of the Terrasse Dufferin in Old Quebec City, Canada you have a magnificent view of the heritage buildings on the streets below and the Vieux Port where a cruise ship docks for the day. Beyond the cruise ship, you can see for miles across the hor ...

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