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Old Metal Windmill St Jacobs Ontario

An old styled metal windmill on display outside of the Farmers Market in the town of St. Jacobs in Ontario, Canada.

As the wind remains calm and the sun shines, an old metal windmill stands outside of the Farmers Market in St Jacobs, Ontario promoting the country lifestyle. Many visitors to St. Jacobs take a picture of this unique old styled windmill while bro ...
Farmers Market St Jacobs Ontario

The Farmers Market in St Jacobs, Ontario is where many people go to buy fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, meat and produce.

People find that food such as fresh vegetables, produce, fruit, fish, cheese and meat are cheaper and of better quality at the Farmers Market in St Jacobs, Ontario. The market is open all year round and there are over 600 vendors in the interior ...
Farmers Market St Jacobs

The farmers market in St. Jacobs, Ontario in Canada is a busy place where fresh food is readily available.

The Farmers Market in St. Jacobs, Ontario brings in thousands of people annually to shop for fresh seafood, produce and vegetables. The upstairs floor has unique stores which are great for buying stunning gifts and souvenirs.Farmers Market, St. J ...
Strawberries Farmers Market

Ripe strawberries on display at a stall at the Farmers Market in Kitchener, Ontario.

Strawberries are a big seller at the right time of the season at the Farmers Market in Kitchener, Ontario in Canada. The Farmers Market in Kitchener is a great place to buy many types of fresh fruits and vegetablesFarmers Market, Kitchener, Ontar ...

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