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Mountain Meadows Blakiston Valley Alberta

The Crandell Campground in Southern Alberta is the ideal place to stay and hike through the meadows and mountain trails of the region.

Summer brings blossoming flowers to the meadows of the Blakiston Valley in Southern Alberta, Canada as the mountain peaks stand in the background with partially covered snow peaks. The Crandell Campground is situated in the Waterton Lakes National ...
Wheat Farming Alberta

Acres of wheat fields covering the farming landscape along Highway 5 in Southern Alberta, Canada.

As you drive along Highway 5 between the two towns of Cardston and Spring Coulee in Southern Alberta, Canada a majority of the landscape is made up of perfectly kept farming land. This particular field is two shades of hues as these farmlands hav ...
Fields British Columbia Canada

Fields and mountains often go hand in hand on farms in the interior of British Columbia, Canada.

Panoramic views of mountain ranges and often river valleys are frequently part of the overall ambiance of farms in British Columbia, Canada. Fields, British Columbia, Canada, North America

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