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Aguasabon Falls Spring Flood Terrace Bay Ontario

A spring flood near the town of Terrace Bay in Ontario, Canada creates a mass of water flowing over the Aguasabon Falls and through the canyon walls.

At a height of approximately 100 feet, the Aguasabon Falls near the town of Terrace Bay in Ontario, Canada, are a vision of beauty as they cascade over the rock ledges. During a Spring flood, a massive amount of water thunders over the rock ledge ...
Chippewa Falls Autumn Flood Chippewa River Ontario

The Chippewa Falls in Ontario, Canada increases drastically in size after an Autumn storm which makes the Chippewa River flood and remove anything along the way.

Thundering through the Autumn colored forest in Ontario, Canada, the Chippewa Falls has increased in size as the Chippewa River becomes flooded after a thunder storm. As the Chippewa River rapidly flows, it will take with it anything it finds in ...

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