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Historic Battle Island Harbour Labrador

Fog settles over Battle Island and the historic fishing village of Battle Harbour in Southern Labrador, Newfoundland Labrador.

Historic Battle Harbour situated on Battle Island in Southern Labrador operates from mid June until mid September (depending on pack ice and weather conditions). A Fishery was established around Battle Harbour in 1770 which was followed by the first ...
Coastal Fog Picture Lighthouse Route Nova Scotia

Small harbor in fog along the lighthouse route on the atlantic coast in Nova Scotia, Canada

Lighthouse route, Atlantic-coast, Peggy's Cove,Nova Scotia, Canada, North America.
Alternative Energy Windmill Veil Fog

The sun glowing in the foggy evening reveals a windmill in Nova Scotia, Canada.

A foggy evening slightly reveals a windmill at the Pubnico Point Wind Farm. The sun is a backdrop to the outline of the windmill. The windmill looks like a shadow in the foggy evening. The sun glows through the clouds revealing the windmill. Windmill ...

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