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Frederick W Hill Mall

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Frederick W Hill Mall Towers Statue Regina

Frederick W. Hill statue sits at the Frederick W. Hill Mall within two towering high rise buildings in the city of Regina.

Modern architecture of high rise towers are at the Frederick W. Hill Mall. The high rises are made in a sleek grid pattern with reflective glass. The buildings reflect in each other along with a small puffy white cloud. A statue of Frederick W. H ...
Prince Edward Building Regina

At one time the Prince Edward Building was the post office, now it is a theater in the city of Regina.

In 1906, the Prince Edward Building was built and was the home to the post office. At this time, Globe Theater resides in the building. The Prince Edward Building's architecture is beautifully detailed. A clock tower sits above the building. ...
Bronze Sculpture Bison Regina

At the Frederick W Hill Mall, Regina, a bison sculpture sits between two towering high rise buildings.

In the city of Regina, a bison sculpture and two high rise buildings are at the Frederick W Hill Mall. The sculpture is a bison laying in a field. The two high rise buildings tower over the sculpture. Glass mirrors from the buildings reflect each ...

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