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Food Salmon Entree White Wine Picture

Picture yourself enjoying this gourmet meal of salmon cooked on a hot rock accompanied by a glass or two of white wine.

A gourmet entree of salmon served up on a heated rock with some gourmet rice and a mixture of fresh vegetables. A glass of cold white wine is the perfect beverage to accompany this meal.Cooking on a hot rock is a very unique way to prepare a meal ...
Gourmet Picnic Lunch Mealy Mountains Labrador

A gourmet picnic lunch is spread out on the rocks along side a waterfall in the Mealy Mountains in Southern Labrador, Canada.

Served to the guests who boarded a helicopter adventure into the Mealy Mountains in Southern Labrador, Canada, is a gourmet picnic lunch. A type of living which most people only dream about, but is very possible while visiting Southern Labrador.A ...

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