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Large Bulk Carrier Ship Welland Canal

Entering Lock 3 of the Welland Canals System at the St Catharines Museum is a large bulk carrier ship.

A large bulk carrier ship enters between two tall metal walls of Lock 3 at the Welland Canals System. These bulk carriers are used to transport large amounts of un-packaged cargo. The St Catharines Museum is located at the Welland Canal. In the distance ...
Lock 3 Bulk Carrier Ship Welland Canals St Catharines

A large bulk carrier ship moves into Lock 3 at the Welland Canals in St. Catharines, Ontario where it transfers between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.

Tourists to St. Catharines, Ontario can watch the large ships move through the Welland Canal System which is used daily until the onset of winter. A large bulk carrier ship has moved into Lock 3 of the Welland Canals, where the water level rises or ...
St Catharines Museum Sign Canal Driving Tour Ontario

The Canal Driving Tour is explained on the sign outside the St. Catharines Museum and Welland Canals Centre in Ontario, Canada.

Outside of the St. Catharines Museum in Ontario, Canada there is a large sign which explains the Canal Driving Tour. This driving tour starts along the west side of the Welland Canal with signs along the way giving visitors information about a few ...

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