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Sherbrooke Village Drug Store Nova Scotia

The entrance sign and the doorway to the drug store in the Sherbrooke Village Museum along Highway 7 in Nova Scotia, Canada.

The building that houses the drug store at the Sherbrooke Village Museum in Nova Scotia, Canada dates back to the 1880's with only a few restorations having to be made. At this village, you can wander through the drug store and browse at all the ...
Drug Store Medicines

Shelves full of a variety of medicines on display at a drug store at the Sherbrooke Village Museum in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Back in the 1880's, this is what the shelves of a drug store looked like with small and large bottles of medicines in hope of curing any people that came down with illnesses. When you wander through the Sherbrook Village Museum in the town of She ...
Barbours General Store Saint John

A building delicately adorned in downtown Saint John, New Brunswick is Barbours General Store where you can find a variety of items.

While in downtown Saint John in New Brunswick, Canada be sure to go to Barbours General Store and browse through all the products they display. The large windows on the facade of the building makes this store very bright and welcoming and any sup ...
Quilt Store St Jacobs

A beautiful quilt hangs in the window of a store in St. Jacobs, Ontario along with other handmade quilt items.

This unique quilt store in St. Jacobs, Ontario in Canada is where you will find an assortment of handmade quilted items. One quilt takes a fair amount of time to make and anybody that buys one of these handmade quilt pieces treasures it more as y ...
Chocolate Shop Prince Edward Island

A specialty shop in Prince Edward Island in Canada sells some of the best chocolate throughout the Maritime region.

A unique chocolate shop in the downtown core of Prince Edward Island in Canada displays some delicious looking chocolate and specialty foods. The perfect place while on vacation in Prince Edward Island to buy some treats or chocolate gift package ...

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