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Nickel Mine Information Sign Sudbury Ontario

An information sign at the Nickel Mine in Sudbury, Ontario informs visitors of the large mass of Sudbury Ore.

One of the displays at the Nickel Mine shows a large piece of Sudbury Ore that was mined in Sudbury, Ontario. An information sign behind the ore lets visitors to the Nickel Mine read about the where, when and how's of this discovery.Nickel mine, ...
Nickel City Sudbury Ontario

The industrial area of a large Nickel Mine in Sudbury, Ontario which is one of the many mines throughout the city.

A maze of pipes and tall stacks at the Nickle Mine in Sudbury, Ontario resembles that of a small city where people could make their way through tunnels to reach their next destination. Sudbury is recognized as the Nickel City because there are so ...
Nickel Mining Museum Sudbury Ontario

The Big Nickel stands in the background of a display on the grounds of a nickel mining museum in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.

The Big Nickel stands in the background of an interactive display in a nickel mining museum known as Dynamic Earth. The museum, located in Sudbury, Ontario, features Earth Sciences and is a tribute to the mining heritage of the Sudbury region. Ni ...
Sudbury Ontario Nickel Mine

The underground workings of the Nickel Mine in Sudbury, Ontario.

When you tour the nickel mine in Sudbury, Ontario you will find displays such as this where miners journeyed to the underground world in search of nickel. Sudbury, Ontario is famous for its nickel mine as well as copper mines that are spread out ...
Large Nickel Sudbury

A large nickel that stands outside the Dynamic Earth Science Centre in Sudbury, Ontario.

A large display which is known as the Big Nickel is erected at the Dynamic Earth Science Centre in Sudbury, Ontario in Canada. This nickel is the largest in the world and is an exact copy of the nickel that was produced in 1951.Nickel mine, Sudbu ...
Nickel Mine Sudbury Ontario

A trip to the underground world takes you to the Nickel Mine in Sudbury, Ontario in Canada.

Descend 65 feet below the earth's surface and look for nickel ore on Dynamic Earth's underground tour in Sudbury, Ontario. Explore tunnels and learn the history of what the mining industry involved and what equipment was used throughout various d ...

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