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Temple Church Historic Landmark Ontario Autumn

Surrounded by Autumn colors, the historic landmark of the Sharon Temple was a church which stands as a testament to the faith and good works of the Children of Peace in Ontario, Canada.

Beauty surrounds the Sharon Temple in Ontario, Canada during Autumn as the colorful leaves blanket the landscape and trees around this historic landmark. The last service held in this church was in 1886 and the building was supposed to be demolis ...
Ontario National Historic Site Sharon Temple

Autumn leaves surround the Sharon Temple in Ontario, Canada, a National Historic Site that welcomes visitors.

Autumn leaves fall to ground around the Sharon Temple in Ontario, Canada as the white building designed by a religious leader that was constructed between 1825-1832 still displays its beauty. Talk of the Sharon Temple being demolished was very re ...
Sharon Temple Autumn Leaves Ontario

A historic landmark in Sharon, Ontario is the Sharon Temple and the grounds are stunning when the Autumn leaves begin to change.

Trees adorn the property of the National Historic Site of the Sharon Temple in Ontario, Canada and a blend of magical colors are stunning when the leaves are a mixture of Autumn hues. A few patches of green grass are still visible around the Shar ...
Scattered Leaves Sharon Temple Ontario

Autumn colored leaves are scattered across the grounds of the Sharon Temple in the town of Sharon in Ontario, Canada.

During the Autumn season, the leaves on the trees outside the Sharon Temple in Sharon, Ontario change color and eventually drop to the ground. The leaves are scattered across the grass making the clearing between the trees look like a magical pat ...

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