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Hotel Place D Armes Quebec City

The Place d'Armes in Quebec City is an elegant 19th century hotel situated close to all the main attractions of the city.

The Place d'Armes hotel in Quebec City, Canada was originally a home built by Judge Henry Black until 1908 when was it was bought by the Holt Renfrew Co. Tenants rented the space until 1929 and then it was altered into a Bed and Breakfast until 1957 when it was used to accommodate tourists. In 1986 it became the hotel it is today where visitors to Quebec City can enjoy a luxurious stay in a fine established hotel.

Place d'Armes, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, North America.

Hotel Place D Armes Quebec City
Photo: Hotel Place D Armes Quebec City
Picture of the beautiful hotel known as the Place d'Armes in Quebec City, Canada.

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Hotel Place D Armes Quebec City Photo & Travel Destination

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