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Longlac Welcoming Sign Ontario

Plaques of information relating to the town of Longlac, Ontario are posted on the welcoming sign below a canoe that rests atop the stone monuments.

The community of Longlac, Ontario has a large unique sign welcoming tourists to come and share in the beauty of their town. Longlac is situated on Long Lake, Ontario and was a Northwest Company Trading Post in the early 1800's where the first residents were the Ojibway and Cree Native Indians. This canoe atop of the welcoming sign represents some of the heritage of Longlac, Ontario.

Longlac signpost, Ontario, Canada, North America.

Longlac Welcoming Sign Ontario
Photo: Longlac Welcoming Sign Ontario
Picture of the sign welcoming people to Longlac, Ontario in Canada displayed with Natives paddling a canoe.

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