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Quebec Accommodations Gaspe Peninsula

Fabulous accommodations are available at this cheerful looking house in Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec, Canada.

If you are looking for accommodations in Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec, Canada, try out this brightly painted bed and breakfast which is as cheery as it looks. As you drive through Gaspe Peninsula, you cannot miss this stunning house where you will find accommodations very comfortable and the hospitality by the owners is exceptional. Even the outdoor furniture matches the color of the house and accommodations such as these make people smile when you drive up.

Bed and Breakfast, near Parc National Forillon, Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec, Canada, North America

Quebec Accommodations Gaspe Peninsula
Photo: Quebec Accommodations Gaspe Peninsula
Picture of a bed and breakfast where accommodations are comfy and cozy in Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec, Canada.

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