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Water Wheel Sherbrooke Musuem Nova Scotia

The historic wooden water wheel working for the visitors that come to the Sherbrooke Village Museum in Nova Scotia, Canada.

An old wooden building that was once home to the McDonald Bros Sawmill in Sherbrooke, Nova Scotia still has an old wooden water wheel in workable condition that was used for powering the sawmill. Considered as the largest Nova Scotia museum, this water wheel is just one of the many attractions to see that dates back to the 1860's.

Working water wheel used for powering a sawmill at the McDonald Brothers Sawmill, a part of the Sherbrooke Village Museum (a restored 1860's lumbering and shipbuilding community) in the town of Sherbrooke along the Marine Drive, Highway 7, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Water Wheel Sherbrooke Musuem Nova Scotia
Photo: Water Wheel Sherbrooke Musuem Nova Scotia
Picture of the water wheel outside McDonald Bros. Sawmill located at the village museum in Sherbrooke, Nova Scotia in Canada.

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