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Windmills Etzikom Museum Alberta

A sign at the Etzikom Museum in South East Alberta, Canada relates information about some of the windmills at this tourist attraction.

Etzikom Museum in Alberta, Canada is an interesting place to visit with acreage to walk through where various types of windmills are displayed that were used in past years. Signs around the museum give visitors information about each of the windmills and what they were used for.

Various styles of windmills on display at the Etzikom Museum South East Alberta, The Canadian National Historic Windpower Centre, Etzikom, Alberta, Canada. Opened on June 15, 1995.

Windmills Etzikom Museum Alberta
Photo: Windmills Etzikom Museum Alberta
Picture of an assortment of windmills on display at the Etzikom Museum in Alberta.

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Windmills Etzikom Museum Alberta Photo & Travel Destination

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