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Polar Bear Territory Churchill Manitoba

A Polar Bear Cub explores his territory around Churchill, Manitoba just before winter starts to bring in its cold temperatures.

The territory of Churchill, Manitoba is an extremely important place for a polar bear and the sooner the Hudson Bay freezes over, the better for this cub. The mother Polar Bear will show her cub its first true winter and teach it the lessons of surviving on ...
Polar Bear Cub Tundra Buggy Tour Churchill

A Polar Bear cub tries hard to inspect the people on a Tundra Buggy Tour in Churchill, Manitoba but finds out that he is not quite tall enough.

An eleven month old polar bear cub thinks that he may be tall enough to check out the interior of a Tundra Buggy tour in Churchill, Manitoba, but in reality, he is only as tall as the tire. This is the first winter for this cub that he can venture a short d ...
Baby Polar Bear Playing Churchill Manitoba

Across the tundra of the Churchill Wildlife Management Area in Manitoba, Canada a baby Polar Bear is seen playing with its mother.

A cute little baby polar bear standing on its hind legs is about as tall as its mother but in a year's time, the size of this cub will change immensely. While the cub finds playing a highlight of its day, the mother Polar Bear stays alert of any danger that ...
Polar Bear Family Churchill Manitoba

A family consisting of a mother Polar Bear and her cub cross the tundra in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area in Churchill, Manitoba.

A mother polar bear makes here way up a hill in the Churchill Management Wildlife Area in Hudson Bay in Churchill, Manitoba with her cub following closely behind. This tight knit family will travel across the icy tundra in search of food while the mother te ...
Climbing Black Bear Ontario Canada

Climbing a tree is a place where a baby Black Bear can remain safe while its mother in searching for food in the wilderness of Ontario, Canada.

Climbing a tree is something that a Black Bear Cub learns at a very early age as this is how they stay out of danger while the mother is off searching for meals. The Black Bear hangs onto the tree by his front paws as he looks above the greenery ...
Cute Baby Black Bear picture

The cute face of a baby Black Bear peers around the tall greenery in search of its mother in the wilderness of British Columbia, Canada.

Behind the tall shrubbery, a baby Black Bear waits patiently for the return of its mother with a worried look upon its face which we as humans find extremely cute. This cute little face is nice to photograph, but venturing too close could be dang ...
Wild Black Bear

Out in the wilderness of Ontario, Canada, wild animals such as this baby black bear can appear around any corner or from behind a bush at any given time.

This adorable black bear cub has a worrisome look upon his face as he spots us in the forest as he waits for his mother to return. It is best to keep your distance from a wild Black Bear, or any wild animal and even more so a baby if you cross pa ...
Bear Tree

A Black Bear cub spends his time in a tree waiting for the return of his mother in the wilderness in Canada, North America.

The perfect safe haven for a black bear cub is high in a tree while his mother searches the area for food to feed to her baby in Canada, North America. Tree climbing is something that a baby Black Bear learns fairly quickly as they spend a fair a ...
Black Bear Family

A Black Bear family wandering the forests of Canada after scooping a big fish.

A Black Bear family can consist of one mother and cub and this mother has captured a fish to feed her young. When a baby Black Bear is this small, the mother will find a secure place to leave her cub as she searches for food.Black Bear mother and ...
Polar Bear Family Churchill

In a single file line, the mother Polar Bear shows the rest of her family the way in Churchill, Manitoba.

A Polar Bear family has the mother in the lead with her two cubs following closely behind as they cross the snow covered tundra in Churchill, Manitoba. The young Polar Bear at the end of the line keeps a close eye on us as we capture a family por ...

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