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Footprints Snow Arctic Tundra Yukon

Footprints leading into the sun along the Dempster Highway in the Yukon, Canada.

Footprints in the snow along the Dempster Highway, Yukon, Canada
Rock Designs Agawa Bay Beach Sunset Lake Superior Ontario

Highlighted in the sunset lighting are unique rock designs created by visitors who have spent the day at the Agawa Bay beach in Lake Superior Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada.

Across Lake Superior in Ontario, Canada, the sunset lighting illuminates the sky and highlights the serene surface of the lake towards the sandy beach at Agawa Bay where rock designs have been made. Various colors, shapes and sizes of rocks have been used to c ...
Katherine Cove Footprints Lake Superior Ontario

Footprints leading away from the shoreline of Lake Superior at Katherine Cove in Ontario, Canada as the waves begin to roll in.

Katherine Cove is located along Lake Superior in Ontario, Canada and during the fall season, the trees are changing color and the beach is isolated. At this cove, you can make footprints in the sand which will probably stay undisturbed by humans ...
Beach Footprints Pancake Bay Lake Superior Ontario

Unknown footprints lead along the beach of Lake Superior at Pancake Bay in Pancake Bay Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada.

As the water of Lake Superior crashes along the sandy beach of Pancake Bay in Ontario, Canada, footprints are the only sign that any human existence has been here recently. Beautiful scenery and tranquility surrounds you at Pancake Bay where you ...
Footprints Sand Labrador

Along the beach of the Pinware River mouth in Southern Labrador, Canada on a quiet day you can always find your way back as your footprints are left in the sand.

Fog encompasses the Pinware River mouth in Pinware River Provincial Park in Southern Labrador, Canada where the water is barely visible but the sand on the beach is magnificent for walking along. Footprints can be made all the way up the beach an ...

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