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Footprints Sand Labrador

Along the beach of the Pinware River mouth in Southern Labrador, Canada on a quiet day you can always find your way back as your footprints are left in the sand.

Fog encompasses the Pinware River mouth in Pinware River Provincial Park in Southern Labrador, Canada where the water is barely visible but the sand on the beach is magnificent for walking along. Footprints can be made all the way up the beach and all the way back as you wait for the fog to lift to see the beautiful scenery of Southern Labrador.

Footprints in the sand at the Pinware River mouth shrouded in fog, Pinware River Provincial Park, Pinware, Labrador Coastal Drive, Highway 510, Viking Trail, Trails to the Vikings, Strait of Belle Isle, Southern Labrador, Labrador, Canada.

Footprints Sand Labrador
Photo: Footprints Sand Labrador
Picture of footprints in the sand along the beach at the mouth of the Pinware River in Southern Labrador.

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