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Commercial Crab Fishing Newfoundland

A commercial fishing boat patiently waiting for the pack ice in Conche Harbour in Newfoundland, Canada to melt so that they can fill their crab pots with fresh crab.

Every year the commercial fishing boats sit idle in the harbour of Conche in Newfoundland, Canada as pack ice has moved in and they wait for the melting process which can take a few months. The fishing boats are loaded up with their crab pots and fishing gear in preparation for the earliest opportunity that they are able to leave the harbor.

Crab pots on the deck of 'Bromley's Venture' a crab fishing boat in Conche Harbour unable to leave the dock because of pack ice, Conche, French Shore, Northern Peninsula, Great Northern Peninsula, Viking Trail, Newfoundland, Canada.

Commercial Crab Fishing Newfoundland
Photo: Commercial Crab Fishing Newfoundland
Picture of crab pots aboard a commercial fishing vessel that is docked in Conche Harbour in Newfoundland due to pack ice.

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